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If you are looking to add something beautiful and elegant to your home then Bay windows are a great option. Instead of being window that is flat to a wall, Bay windows have their own unique shape that extends outside from the house wall and allow natural light to illuminate your home throughout the day. A Bay window comes with a fixed center and a functional window on each side that can be opened all the way out. Not only are these windows great for natural light but also for the ventilation of the house and fresh air anytime you want it. Also, despite of their wonderful and intricate design, Bay windows are easy to install, use and clean.

    • Are a combination of windows, typically three, that extend a room outward.
    • The side windows project at either 30 or 45 degrees from a wall, adding another dimension to your living space.
    • Bay windows create a cozy bench area to use for plants, decoration or pictures while flooding your home with natural light.
Casement windows are one of the most popular windows used in houses and you probably have some in your homes too. These windows can be made up of metal, wood or vinyl and are usually hinged on top of a window frame or the side. Also, they are very easy to use and can be cranked open all the way or as much as you desire using the handle that they came with. Casement windows are also very energy efficient because you can simply turn off your AC and open these windows to allow in some cool fresh air. In winter, once shut and locked, they allow for very low air leakage and even act as a great noise barrier since they are completely sealed. As a result of their looks, functionality and ease of use, they can be used in any part of your home including bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, etc.


    • Hinge from one side and open out from the other side using a swing design.
    • Look beautiful when paired on either side of a picture window.
    • The window opens fully from top to bottom, welcoming a fresh breeze to flow through your home.
    • Casement windows are often installed above kitchen sinks or out-of-reach places because they open so easily.

Awning windows share similar characteristics as those of Casement windows but Awning windows are hinged at the top of the window frame and open outwards, away from the house, which is a great feature because your home can receive fresh air during any type of weather including light rain. These windows, therefore, can be a wonderful addition in big areas that require ventilation all year round such as kitchens. Awning windows also rely on their compression seals for maximum efficiency and prevent air leakage during winter.


  • Hinge from the top and open outward from the bottom using a durable scissor crank.
  • The tilt-to-open allows for plenty of air ventilation while providing protection from rain or falling leaves.
  • Pairs well with picture windows and above doors for increased natural light.
  • Advantageous in basements because they can be placed high on a wall and still be easily accessible with a turn of a handle.


    • Add your own personal touch by creating a custom window.
    • Customize any detail of your window including shape, size, frame, grid pattern, etc. Made specifically to enhance the unique architecture of your home, custom windows are designed with you in mind.



Type of Grilles: Limitless Grille options

3 Benefits of Grilles:
  • Safety feature for small children – window may be left open while grill prevents falling hazard
  • May be quickly unlocked from inside in case of emergency
  • Adds element of elegance to the home
Type of window Handles: Nesting fold down handles only
CERTIFICATION: Energy Star only
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