NOVATECH Garden Doors
The Inner Beauty Decorative Glass Collection
It’s the door glass that makes the difference. NOVATECH began with an idea. Character, desire and innovation made it a reality.
Natural Light
Bring light in without sacrificing privacy. Decorative glass casts intricate patterns of sunlight upon the interior and exterior spaces of your home, while contrasting textures create depth and let you bring in light without sacrificing privacy.
Handcrafted Glass
The beauty of handcrafted glass is that every piece is different – slight bubbles, lines, and surface imperfections are all characteristics of glass and are not to be considered as defects.
Caming, Texture & Privacy
Coordinate caming with your door hardware, outdoor fixtures, or interior furnishings. A wide selection of textured glass adds dimension, depth, and contrast to our designs. We give each design a privacy rating from 1 to 10 to help you choose the level of clarity or obscurity you prefer.